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How to activate AdGuard with a license key?

Activating AdGuard for Windows

1. Open the program.
To do it, doubleclick on AdGuard icon on the desktop: 

    or double click on AdGuard icon in the system tray: 

    2. Choose 'About' inset in program's menu.
    3. Enter your license key and click on the 'Activate license' button.

    Activating AdGuard for Mac

    1. Open AdGuard menu.

    To do it, click on the AdGuard icon in the menu bar: 

    2. Open options menu by clicking on gear icon and choose 'License...' 

    3. In the opened window enter your license key and press 'Activate license key'. 

    Activating AdGuard for Android

    1. Open the app and go to main menu. 
    Click Get Premium button in the top of app's main screen: 

    2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
    In the small window you will see 3 functions:

    1) Get a free trial (14 days trial period).
    2) Enter adguard key.
    3) Restore purchases (Restores the license if you've reinstalled the app).

    3. Enter your license key and click on 'Activate'.

    Transfering license to another device

    Once the program is activated with a license key, the license key is “bound” to the device on which activation was held. License key may be activated on a limited number of devices. If the license key is already used on the maximum possible number of devices, you need to reset it before using this key again. You can do it in your AdGuard Account.

    How to recover my license key?

    You can easily find out which license keys belong to you in your AdGuard Account.

    The binding of your license key with your account is held with your email address, which was used for purchasing of AdGuard.

    Please note that it is often not enough to just find out what your license key is. If it was already used on another computer, it’s necessary to unbind it from that computer through the AdGuard Account before using it again.

    How to register the AdGuard Account?

    If you purchased the AdGuard License key – your Account is already registered with your email which was used by the purchase. You were to receive an email on the automatic registration of your Personal account and the link for its activation. If you haven’t received this email or forgot your password you can recover your password.

    If you don’t have AdGuard Account, we suggest you register it by clicking this link.

    AdGuard Account gives you an opportunity to manage your license keys and their binding with your computers.

    Find more on functions of the Account below.

    Find More at: